The Funnies

I’ll bet it was Comic Sans. 😉 **************************** I’d pay attention if I were you. ***************************** In this case, the GPS would be correct.

And He Shall Be Called…

(Growing up, my brother had this poster on his bedroom door.) 😊 There are so many different names for this one man, the most important figure in all of human and religious history.

God’s Creatures?

Okay, I know that all life on Earth serves a purpose. But…spiders? I’m not a fan of most insects to begin with, but I reserve spiders for a special category called HECK NO.

Prayers Appreciated…

If you ask God for forgiveness but don’t stop doing what you’re asking forgiveness for, can you really call yourself repentant? Over the last 20+ years, I have occasionally engaged in some pretty shameful behavior. I don’t recall specifically when it started. I really don’t know why it started, But it’s a temptation I can’t seem […]