The Outcome

I’m not particularly shocked by Trump’s winning of the presidency. I didn’t vote for either him or Clinton.

Since I already voted over a week ago via absentee ballot, I deliberately avoided all the election coverage yesterday.

I’m sort of…meh…over the whole thing. I’m praying about it, but I guess I’m so ready to just move on.



4 thoughts on “The Outcome

  1. I disengaged from mainstream media weeks ago, and reviewing the “headlines” and “breaking news” this morning it further reinforces my purpose in doing so. it all seems so fake and contrived to me now. I poured into my work yesterday while everyone around me was talking about the elections and it was a surprisingly interruption free day of productivity. I voted third party, but the current 3.3% of popular vote seems like a Grand Canyon away from 5% to get major party status.

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  2. I voted third-party as well.

    I haven’t watched the mainstream news networks in years, and I am so much better off because of it.

    Another thought about last night’s election results and the future: if we as a country have any chance of making it through the next four years with our sanity intact, we have got to learn to sit down together and have civil discussions about our differences. Time for grace and civility to move back to the forefront.

    Is that too optimistic of a thought? Is it too late at this point for respect and civil discourse? I don’t know – I guess we’ll find out.

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  3. We survived the 1960’s, we can survive now. I choose to be optimistic at this point for my daughter’s future. I have to believe there is still civility, respect, and mutual optimism for the future.

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