Sunday Sermon

Isn’t it funny how, even if you’re not in church on Sunday morning, God still manages to get you to stop whatever you’re doing and listen to Him?

I was shuffling through radio stations on my Ipod and caught part of a church service broadcast. Didn’t catch the name of the church, didn’t know who was speaking, but the subject matter made me sit and listen for a good 10-15 minutes, and it got me thinking. It wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before — improving your prayer life by asking God for the faith to believe — but it still surprises me how quickly and easily we forget that. The guy talked about how we can hear what the preacher is saying, take notes, and walk out of the church service with good intentions. But we so easily forget what was said, and a lot of it could be related to the notion that we just have a hard time TRUSTING and BELIEVING in God’s timing and wisdom. God is telling us to lean on Him and to see things from his perspective – we are so hard-wired to want to do the opposite, to reason things out our own way and how we see them.

I am as stubborn as they come, and my first instinct is to try to solve the problem my way, to try to control the situation as much as I can. That’s just human nature – that kind of behavior is not exclusive to me or members of my family or other people I know. We ALL are this way. This is hard to admit, but asking God for the faith to believe in His will and wisdom only happens after I’ve tried solving issues on my own.

Putting my hope and my faith and my trust in God is something I have to remind myself to do


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