Thoughts on Faith & The Current Political Climate.

My church’s current sermon series is on the book of Revelation – a book which, frankly, can get overlooked or ignored by pastors/congregations, mainly because the symbolism and allegory can be thoroughly confusing for a lot of people.

The recurring theme that my pastor has touched on over these last few weeks is: God’s got this.

Revelation says a lot about God, Satan, the end times, trials and tribulations, humanity dealing with the consequences of sin and outright rejection of God, etc. But in the end, who comes out on top? God.

Think about it for a moment: we live in strange, sad, interesting times. The gap between believers and non-believers seems to be wider than ever. The divide between political parties and ideologies seems to be insurmountable. We desire a solution to the problems we see, but we expect it to happen according to our timetable and our preferences.

I guess what I’m trying to say – and what my pastor was trying to point out – is that God is in control, not us. The people we elect into office will not be able to fix the problems in this world, only God can do that. Rubio, Cruz, Trump, Carson, Sanders, Clinton — none of them are truly in control of the situation. There is no magical solution.

We as a society have dug ourselves into this hole we’re in, and we CANNOT get ourselves out – we need God.

As the book of Revelation points out, everything will eventually be brought to conclusion. Christ will return, evil will be gone, and God will prevail.

So what do we do in the meantime? Pray for patience and have confidence in God’s plan and His timing. He’s got this.  🙂


One thought on “Thoughts on Faith & The Current Political Climate.

  1. My pastor has made the same comment–nobody can fix this. I would like to know more about your stance as a Christian in the political field, ie, what is our response within the context of the culture today? I do hope you post your musings in the coming months.

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