The Accountable Person’s Bill of Rights.

Some years back, the company I work for did a book discussion. We were asked to read “QBQ: The Question Behind the Question” by John G. Miller. This man is BIG on personal accountability, both professionally and personally. I really liked the book and signed up to receive regular emails from his organization. He always posts great articles about how to be more accountable towards yourself and others, in addition to telling stories about real-life examples of good and bad customer service.

His most recent article was titled “The Accountable Person’s Bill of 39 Rights.” While you can read the full article here, I decided to list some of the Rights that I can definitely apply to my own life.

1. I reserve the right to share my opinions without fear my character will be attacked. For those of us who choose to have a blog, every time we post something, we run the risk of having someone find fault with what we have to say. Usually, it never goes beyond simple disagreement. But occasionally, someone will take it upon themselves to attack not only what we’ve posted but our character as well. Shouldn’t we be able to express ourselves freely online without fear of the trolls and cyberbullies out there?

2. I reserve the right to remember that my actions always speak louder than my words. As a Christian, this is a biggie for me. The rest of the world doesn’t really care what we say — what we do speaks volumes. What you say on Sunday doesn’t erase what you do the rest of the week. I especially need to remember that.

3. I reserve the right to change the one person that I can — me. As hard as I try, I cannot change anyone else. My sister, my grandparents, my neighbors, my co-workers, no one else. Except me.

4. I reserve the right to treat all human beings with respect. This past week, the Supreme Court made a couple decisions that did not sit right with a lot of people and made a lot of other people very happy. The wonderful thing about living in America is that we are free to live as we choose and are free to believe what we choose. Along with this comes a call to respect others and treat others the way we would want to be treated. All I want is to be shown respect and dignity, and I try to do the same for others.

5. I reserve the right to think before I speak. As an introvert, I love being given the chance to think things through before responding. If I can gather my thoughts before speaking, I tend to get my point across much better. Perusing YouTube or Facebook comment threads, it doesn’t take long for one to realize that a lot of people really don’t think before they post something. It’s very human to react first and contemplate later.


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