Going solo

welcome to my little piece of quiet

Beautiful oceanDoing things by yourself has a certain stigma. While you’re probably used to seeing people on their own at coffee shops, just try going for dinner by yourself. You’ll probably receive pitying looks from those around you. “Oh, you couldn’t get someone to come with you?” their glances seem to say.

I think aloneness is a concept that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Why do something by yourself, if you can invite all your friends? I’ve run into groups of acquaintances at the mall who seem shocked that I’m shopping by myself. I prefer shopping by myself, its easier to get everything done efficiently and I can take as many breaks as I need. While I do enjoy the company of others (in smaller amounts), I also enjoying doing things alone. I like to call it going solo.

This past Sunday I had the most amazing day. I was originally going to hang out…

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