Being a protector

I love this post! I’m very, very loyal and protective of my close family and friends.

welcome to my little piece of quiet

ProtectorTo the people around me, I may appear shy, reserved, and even passive. I tend to be pretty laid back (on the outside). I’m always open to suggestions and I want to make sure others enjoy themselves. This can backfire if people start thinking I’m a pushover. What most don’t realize is how protective I am of others. Its a side of myself that only a few have seen.

I am extremely protective of the people I love and care about, especially my family and close friends. One small example: I was eating lunch with my Mom at a restaurant. When her order came, they brought her the wrong side dish. She didn’t say anything, because like me, she doesn’t like to inconvenience people. I courteously asked the server about the wrong dish and they corrected the problem. The funny thing is, if I had received the wrong order, I wouldn’t…

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