6 tips for dealing with frustration

Exercise definitely helps reduce any stress or frustration I’m feeling. Something about getting up off my butt and spending 20-30 minutes working up a sweat helps get my mind off of annoying things and/or people. Also, listening to music is a godsend. Put in some earbuds, crank the volume on my mp3 player, and forget the world for a little while.
Does it get rid of the problems? No. But it’s a much better way to deal with stuff rather than getting overly mad or saying things you’ll never be able to take back.

welcome to my little piece of quiet

Alone timeFrustration seems to be plaguing me this week. Whether its my boss wanting last minute changes for a design project, or waiting for an oil change for two hours, life has been challenging. I’m not an angry person. I can’t even remember the last time I got mad, yelled at someone, or lost my temper. But I do experience irritation and frustration on a daily basis.

There are two main types of frustration: internal and external. Internal frustration occurs when things aren’t working the way you’d like. This could include feeling stuck in a dead-end job, worrying about relationships, etc. Although I experience internal frustration, I’d like to focus on external frustration. External frustration occurs when other people/things get in the way of your goals. For example, waiting in a grocery line can be frustrating because you’re thinking of everything you could be doing instead. This feeling can also come from…

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