Perspective Is Everything!

I attended an event this afternoon that was sponsored by my company. The speaker was John O’Leary, a fantastic and inspirational motivational speaker.

One of the topics he touched on was the power of perspective. How you handle what comes your way is so important. You can either choose to be a “victim” or a “victor.” Some of the major traits of each:

— Victims fear; Victors love.

—  Victims tend to have a lousy attitude/outlook on life. Victors choose to see the positive.

— Victims point fingers and shift blame onto others. Victors own their mistakes and strive to be accountable to others as well as themselves.

— Victims tend to focus on themselves and lack a sense of empathy or sympathy. Victors tend to be much more compassionate and focused on helping others first.

Perspective is everything. I have believed that for a very long time, and hearing more about it today reinforced the concept for me.


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