Judge not?

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See, there's this thing called biology...

“To judge” actually means to condemn, to administer justice. It is closely entwined with contempt. The biblical instructions to “judge not” are not a simple commandment, they are a rather elaborate spiritual concept. Often what we condemn and view with complete contempt in others is what we fear and are ashamed of in our own selves. To judge is to seek revenge, retaliation, to administer justice, to view with contempt.

To form opinions, to practice discernment, to recognize and identify sin is not to judge and condemn others. In fact, love often compels us to do that very thing. To sit there quietly like some sort of neutral force, refusing to take sides, claiming to be unable to pass judgement, can actually be a very immoral thing. To remain silent in the face of evil because you fear being accused of being judgmental is not love. It is actually an…

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