How Not To Be Hated By An INTJ

Discovered this article while browsing Anxiety Cat / Introvert Cat memes on Pinterest. 🙂

Emily Jacobs

I don’t like it when people I don’t know try to speak on my behalf. I resent articles like, “How to Care for Your Introvert/INTJ/Personal Weirdo” because I don’t like being thought of as someone’s pet. How about you treat us like human beings, hmm? Let’s start there.

But then…

I get a lot of people coming to my blog after searching things like “how to talk to an introvert” and “how to deal with an INTJ,” so it’s obvious that someone needs my help. In that case, maybe the occasional list might be necessary.

But instead of treating introverts like pets or strange aliens who need to be approached carefully, or telling you how often to water “your” INTJ or how much light it needs, I will offer just about the only general, safe advice you can give regarding INTJs: 

How to Keep an INTJ From Hating You

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