I read somewhere that the personality traits and behaviors established in us at the age of 7 or 8 are the same ones we’ll be exhibiting at the age of, say, 36. Not sure I completely agree with that. I know that I was awfully shy at that age – now I’m not shy so much as I am just very quiet.

We’re all wired differently, and to varying degrees. Some of us are naturally prone to be gregarious and sociable, able to walk up to virtually anyone and strike up a conversation. Some of us are naturally more withdrawn and tend to stick to ourselves. We enjoy other people’s company, but in smaller doses. Some of us say whatever’s on our mind and aren’t afraid to speak out, even at the possible expense of others’ feelings. Some of us are more passive-aggressive; if we have an issue with someone or are upset at that person, our feelings manifest themselves in more subtle ways – or we just suppress it all until it comes out at once, usually at the wrong moment.    😦

The downside of being wired as an introvert is my tendency to be self-involved and rather inflexible. I have a plan in my head, and when something messes with that plan, my first reaction is to get upset. That sounds weird and maybe kind of stupid, but that’s me. That’s a part of my personality that I consistently struggle against. In some cases, I end up hurting feelings. That makes me feel even worse, because I don’t like stepping on toes or displeasing others.

Has anyone else dealt with stuff like that? How do you try to get past that aspect of your personality?


One thought on “Wired

  1. I read something different (in my Psychology textbook). I read that if you’re only somewhat inhibited in your childhood, you might become less so in your adulthood. But if you’ver very inhibited as a kid, you’ll probably stay that way.

    I can relate somewhat to being upset when something changes my plan. But I learned that I can still have my plan or at least be satisfied. Even if something changes, you can often plan around that. And who knows – maybe the change in the plan will lead to something new and unexpectedly good. We can’t control everything. And since we don’t know everything, we don’t know if our plans are the best possible plans. If everything always went according to my plans, I would never have stumbled upon new solutions to my problems.


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