Eggs in a Basket

See, there's this thing called biology...

A few months ago some red pill left me a comment, “the only thing women contribute to the world is their eggs!”

Well now, that’s just charming. I’m really surprised some woman hasn’t come to her senses by now and snatched you up yet. I imagine Mr. Right out in the hen yard clucking “here chicky-chick,” and all the hens just walk around indifferent, not only oblivious to his presence, but rather rudely refusing to lay an egg on demand. Mr Right is now absolutely convinced he walks among defective chickens.

Women contribute a great deal to the world, well beyond our ability to help produce children. It seems rather ridiculous to have to state that, but this is the internet and it is full of The Ridiculous. Not long ago I was reading a blog that was greatly offended by the idea that women might actually have the ability…

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