On denominations, labels, and DNA

See, there's this thing called biology...

I do not worry about such things much, although I do love the humor in various stereotypes and Christian labels. So those of us born into Italian Catholic families are Catholic by birth, it is hardwired into our DNA. We needn’t even think about it or have any understanding of faith at all, we are simply Catholic. It is like an ethnicity.

This is not really true, but it is a prevalent cultural perception and sometimes I wonder if being Catholic is not truly hidden in the DNA, as in I always have the urge to preemptively confess. A lawyer’s worse nightmare as in, “she has the right to remain silent but she never understands to avail herself of it!” I can well imagine my self confessing to a crime I did not commit, because while I may have been too lazy to actually carry it out, I have certainly…

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