See, there's this thing called biology...

O.P.S is a phrase I coined long ago that stands for Other People’s Stuff. Another pet name I use for O.P.S. is derangement syndrome. Rabid Chihuahua. It refers to that knee jerk emotional reaction you often encounter that makes you go, “wait, is this about me or THEM?”

I have a sharp eye for OPS and zero tolerance for it. I suspect I developed that as a defense against some of the narcissistic people I grew up with. Narcissists are forever trying to project their own stuff onto you. They must have a mirror to reflect back to them and therefore justify their own perceptions. You have 3 choices with narcissism, accept it, go crazy, or learn how to identify it and how to hand it back. I went for the latter.

Not everybody who descends into derangement syndrome or tries to dump some OPS on you, is a narcissist…

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