God Loves You

See, there's this thing called biology...

It’s true, God loves you. He loves each one of us enough to die for us.

The saying of those words however is not the knowing and the feeling and the doing. Sometimes I think we’d be living in something more akin to paradise if everyone just fully understood how loved they were.

Often I think that is the original sin, the one thing we picked up in the Garden of Eden, pride, which then leads to shame, shame being feelings of unworthiness. Unworthy of what? Unworthy of availing ourselves of God’s love. Unworthy of knowing our Creator. Unworthy of walking in the world as children of God, as inheritors of a kingdom.

There’s an intriguing spiritual concept which suggests that we are all still in paradise, we just don’t know it.  We never really left the Garden of Eden, we just can’t see it anymore because we refuse to…

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