Hey – I am over here! Introverts feeling overlooked

“Our quiet reflective tendency is seen as cold, aloof or uncaring. Our desire for alone time is viewed with suspicion.” This is me to a T.

I am not a cold, uncaring person – far from it. And I am definitely not a recluse or someone who can’t stand being around people. But I fear that that is how a lot of people see me. Just because I don’t show up for every work party, every breaktime – or don’t participate in every conversation or discussion – doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Intelligent Introvert

I had a big shfaded picture of ghostly figure in abandoned houseift this week working with a kinesiologist Kathy Carroll who is a master at mind-body healing akin to therapy where the focus is on transforming emotional baggage through the body.  In our work together we release long held stress and trauma on a cellular level.  This has allowed me to break life long patterns.  This week in our session we released an ancient feeling of being overlooked.   While the origins of this was a childhood loss, the sense of being overlooked persisted throughout my life.  From feeling overwhelmed at times by my big juicy family, to my career trajectory and the many ways my value wasn’t recognized, to having partners not understand and accept me in love relationships (for more on this last topic sign-up for the lunch-time call on love tomorrow at noon).

So what does this have to do with…

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