Learning from the Least of These

See, there's this thing called biology...

Sometimes in the course of my job, I am sent in to check on people who have developmental delays but manage to live fairly independently. If you ever want to observe and learn about the nature of people, this is the population to hang out with. There’s no guile there, no intellectual rabbit holes to fall down, just some really simple human behavior and lots of love. I use to think it would be awful to have downs syndrome or some form of DD, but I don’t anymore. Sometimes I actually envy them their wisdom. Often they totally out wit me, which can be rather humbling.

It’s somewhat amusing, I encounter the oddest things. Putting all your shoes in the refrigerator, for example. It keeps your feet cool and they never smell. That’s actually very wise and based on sound science, we put food in the fridge for that exact…

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