Barbarism, Biological Reality, and the Walking Dead

See, there's this thing called biology...

The idea that we all have sinful natures never goes over very well in any setting, but an even less popular truth is the biological reality of who and what we are as a species. We are rather appalling creatures, capable of horrendous evil, evil being a concept we can’t even comprehend without some recognition of our higher selves to measure it against.

Outside the context of civilization, learned values, and mutually agreed upon standards of behavior, people are absolutely horrendous. Given the proper conditions, it is just surreal what horrors we are capable of. Like most people who are fairly comfortable and safe, I have a hard time seeing it. I actually feel entitled to civilized behavior. Anything outside those parameters is a fluke, a rare injustice that will be met with lots of outrage. I expect to be sheltered from the full force and horror of people’s natural…

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