I’m a Writer, Just Not the Kind I Thought I’d Be…

When I was younger, I used to write stories all of the time. [I loved writing, reading, and drawing.] Unfortunately, I had so many ideas flying around inside my brain that very few of those stories actually wound up completed. I’d start writing, think of another good idea, and move on – never coming back to finish what I had started. When I think about that, it makes me sad, because writing was how I reached out to people.

When I was in my early twenties, I completely walked away from writing. It’s not that the talent wasn’t there; it was just that I couldn’t stand not being able to finish anything. I had become so frustrated with myself, that I gave up on a long-time dream of mine – writing a book and getting published. I threw myself into work and other interests, and never really gave writing another thought…until now.   🙂

Starting this blog has been like turning the light-bulb back on. I’ve realized that I’m still a writer, just not a book writer. I love being able to share my hopes, dreams, fears, beliefs — and whatever else — as a way of connecting with others. I am so thankful and grateful to those of you who have responded to my posts and have chosen to follow me. God bless you!


One thought on “I’m a Writer, Just Not the Kind I Thought I’d Be…

  1. I am exactly the same, from keeping a notebook full of poems and stories as a kid to writing absolutely nothing. But keeping a blog gives you accountability. So, keep writing ( :

    P.s. This is coming from a very inconsistent blogger but that has nothing to do with encouragement, does it?

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