Seeing the beauty in things

I love nature. I love being in the middle of peaceful settings. I’m able to slow down and truly relax, just be in the moment.

welcome to my little piece of quiet

Winter morningThis morning as I drove to work, small snowflakes were fluttering down delicately. A thin layer of white covered the ground and the branches of the trees, a stark contrast to the dark sky. I felt like pulling to the side of the road and just looking at everything, it was so beautiful. Winter isn’t my favourite season, as I hate being cold, but its definitely a beautiful one.

I’ve realized lately that I’m drawn to the beauty in things around me.

I went to a botanical garden with a close friend this summer. The flowers, scents, and atmosphere made it an incredible experience. But my friend wanted to walk through the different gardens as quickly as possible, even suggesting an early lunch break. I felt as though I could have spent hours there, just sitting and taking everything in. Its a calming and meditative thing for me. If I’m…

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