Places To Go, Things To See…

I would absolutely love to travel much more often than I actually have. If I can’t physically go somewhere, I’ll read up about it and then imagine myself being in those places, seeing the sights. I’ve only been outside the US once in my lifetime; I fulfilled a long-time dream of mine and traveled to London, England with my great-aunt. (However, two weeks in that city is not nearly enough time…)

I sort of envy those who can just drop everything and jet off to different places, or those who choose to live abroad for months or years at a time. I think being able to travel and experience different cultures is essential to expanding your worldview.

So…where would I go if I had all the time in the world and money wasn’t a problem?

1. Paris, France – No question about it, this is the next place I want to visit. When I traveled to London, I had a chance to take a day-trip into the City of Light. But there was a fire in one of the English Channel train tunnels, so we were unable to go.

2. Italy – I would love to do one of those month-long tours of the whole country! My dad took a business trip to Italy years ago and had nothing but good things to say about it.

3. The Netherlands – I would go there for no reason other than the fact that my ancestors came from Holland…well, that and getting to see the tulip fields and windmills.  🙂

4. New Zealand – Um, hello, Lord of the Rings, anyone? I know, I know, NZ has been the backdrop for other TV shows and movies. But Peter Jackson’s epic films about the One Ring have certainly contributed to my wanting to brave the 20+ hour plane ride to get there.   🙂

5. Travel to some of the country’s best national parks – Yosemite, Yellowstone, etc.

6. Visit the west coast. Start up in Washington state, then make my way down to northern California and points southward.

7. New York City – C’mon, it’s NYC! The Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Central Park, etc. Two places I would require myself to visit would be Ellis Island and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.


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