I Need A Little Help!

I’m kick-starting my blog (again)…and I am looking for a little help!

Do you have anything you want me to talk about? Faith, politics, music, pop culture, life in general, etc. I’ll do my best to respond to your requests.

P.S. This blog is strictly bully-free, so haters and trolls can go bye-bye…


4 thoughts on “I Need A Little Help!

  1. Why not talk about life and the music, politics, culture, and faith that comes with it lmao. Seriously though you should blog about what ever you have a passion for most, food and or life in general would be nice!


  2. Oh, I read a bit of everything. Write about the things that matter most to you. Things you care enough about to take a passionate position on. Or just be funny. Whatever works for you! Topics don’t matter as much as whether the writing is good enough for me to spend my time reading.

    After all, this is self-publishing for free. It should either be enjoyable for you to do, or act as a workout space to improve your style and the power of your work.


  3. You should write about things that you are either interested in or already know about. Write about things that happened in your day or past experiences. Write things that you are comfortable writing with and have fun doing so!


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