I am a Christian who happens to be an introvert (with mild social anxiety). I wish I could say that I attend church every Sunday, but the truth is I don’t. Sometimes, I get to the weekend and I feel “peopled” out. It’s a lame excuse, and I know I need to continue to try […]

Mr. Stetzer, You Have My Attention.

Ed Stetzer, a regular contributor to the publication Christianity Today, wrote (in my opinion) an amazing, accurate, and very convicting article about Christians, politics, and reconciliation. Read the article here. “A divided nation is a tragedy. A divided church is a travesty.”

Seeing The Invisible.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Sometimes it’s hard, isn’t It? Sometimes it’s terribly easy to get consumed and distracted by everything going on around us – events, people, circumstances. It’s hard to look at this world and still see God working through all of it. […]